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“Somebody That I Used to Know” by Gotye f/ Kimbra

one word. JEFFSTER.


Best scene in the series finale. (warning - it’s got spoilers)

here’s to chuck.

so many feelings…sometimes i think i’m stupid for getting so attached to fictional characters…but then i remember that just because they’re on tv or movies or books, doesn’t make them any less real, any less worthy of our feelings, our smiles, laughs, tears, heartache. because it’s stories like chuck that connect us, that give us hope that we all have some sort of hidden, unrealized potential to save the world in some way and if we could only see that, we could become the best versions of ourselves. chuck taught us to have faith even in the most impossible circumstances, to fight for what you believe in and what you love. chuck that taught us to trust in true love, in family and friendship, because no matter what happens, love will always be the constant. 

so here’s to chuck.

thanks for everything.

just epic.


Rivers and Roads-The Head and The Heart

It’s like the chuck people know that if they play a song on their show, I’m going to have to purchase it, especially this one, it’s flawless.

i think that’s the sound of my heart breaking.


If you watched Chuck, press play and hold a towel close to you. All the tears are falling, falling, falling. I thought the ending was bittersweet.  In all honesty, if they ended it last season, like with the wedding.. i would’ve been really happy. But this, just pulled at my heartstrings and I’ll never be quite the same again.

ahhhhhhhhhhhhh still drying the tears from my eyes

you want the moon?

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no words for these feelings.

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